It was only a matter of time lol

This piece functions as car fanart and a general palette cleanser to reset some personal calibrations.

Cars have always been intimidating to tackle, but the Fiat Panda has such a delightfully boxy and utilitarian shape that made it a great starter to work with. It is for its utilitarian nature that the Panda is spiritually Tracey’s vehicle. Something about watching Panda 4x4s putter around in very upsetting slopes and locations with great gusto seems pretty relatable for her.

Never really put two and two together regarding Fiat’s period where their logo was just the five diagonal bars, which feels like a questionable yet distinctively brave move. It just…seemed like a nice decoration on all of their vehicles, rather than a logo of sorts… Still, super cool though.

The title made more sense when there was more white in this image, but has stuck anyhow.

Cigar is just delighted to be here.

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July 2022 | Clip Studio Paint, Adobe Photoshop