Cigar probably wants the world to look at Tracey and clap, but sadly Miriam and Monroe usually only have eyes for Lobster Dinner and kind of groan every time he says he wants falafel.

As far as character groups go, Tangos and Dream Team Mirigar are up there, but there’s not nearly enough love to “Psychological Damage Tricycle”, which would be the combination of Miriam, Monroe, and Cigar. Those three do not even need Tracey there to actually be looking the way they are right now. It’s a good dynamic.

(If Mirigar equates to Miriam showing off all the time and Cigar totally just rolling with it, Psychological Damage Tricycle is Miriam doing her usual thing of trying to show off, getting made fun of by Monroe because he knows her too well and he can’t take her seriously, Monroe getting brain damage from being in vicinity of Cigar and his horrible, inane observations, while Cigar gets wrongfully accused by Miriam for killing the mood with his perpetual downer face, even though that is the same face he sports all the time in Mirigar. It’s convoluted rock-paper-scissors, and nobody wins.)

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