One out of five illustrations for the Sound Lounge. The goal is to create five different “categories” that sort songs by more nebulous qualifiers (ie: tone, mood, style, etc) versus categorizing by genre or subgenre alone. The categories are rather broad as a result, but half the fun of exploring a genre as vast as electronic music is the variety and depths that transcend genres.

Katie represents the Standard selection, which boils down to: “A category comprising of mid-range tracks and dancefloor friendly tunes. A solid entry point that represents a broad and diverse spectrum of styles.” It sounds very broad, but I’ve shuffled a lot of tracks that aren’t complete clown-shoes nonsense or broody, gloomy grimacers into this category. Standard is…a very appropriate name for the category.

Katie feels like she’s changed a little in the interim, but her hair and jacket seems to have remained mostly intact.

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May 2022 | Adobe Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint