The second out of five illustrations for the Sound Lounge.

Lamp represents the Light selection (double whimsy bonus for the play on his name), which boils down to: “A category leaning towards lighthearted or melodic tracks. Listeners who prefer energetic tunes will find themselves at home here.” I could say Light is kind of the easier listening section because it accounts for tracks usually on the lighter end of mood (which ends up usually being stuff like happy hardcore, tear out, and jump up), but it’s also dedicated to the tracks that are whimsical, bizarre, or unique in a wacky way (see Current Value – That Smile, which is a pretty hard track, but is hilarious as a concept; “yes, I want to make a hard aggro track as I do, but let’s add some vaporwave”).

Lamp was in a limbo for a long time and straddled several different ideas but there’s definitely been some evolution even in spite of the neglect.

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May 2022 | Adobe Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint